Dram Shop Liability

The dram shop portion of a car accident claim is just one component when the accident was caused by a drunk driver. The way this work is this: if you were injured in a car accident by a drunk driver who was continuously served alcohol at a bar despite being visibly intoxicated, the bar could have some liability in the accident.

This liability translates into them being named in your claim as you work to secure compensation that will pay for lost wages, medical expenses, and other expenses related to the accident. At Fishman, Carp, Bescheinen & Van Berkom, you will work with a Minneapolis personal injury lawyer with the knowledge and experience your case requires.

Determining Establishment Responsibility

Usually, bars or restaurants that serve alcohol are liable when they have violated a regulation or the law. For instance, they may have sold alcohol to an underage individual and that individual caused injuries in an accident.

Our attorneys can help you determine whether or not a dram shop violation contributed to the accident you were involved in.

If the accident resulted in wrongful death, Minnesota law says that the next of kin can bring a claim against the establishment. It is important to note that the statute of limitations on wrongful death cases are very strict. Notice of the claim must be given within eight months of hiring your attorney. The lawsuit must be filed within two years of the illegal alcohol sale.

Protecting Your Rights

A major component of our job is to protect your rights. We work as quickly as possible to pursue the responsible parties in your case. We verify the intoxication of the drunk driver, determine why they were so intoxicated, and we utilize witness statements to strengthen your case. Eyewitness statements are especially useful, so we make sure we interview them as soon as possible so that the memories are still fresh in their minds. This also helps us ensure that we file a claim within the statute of limitations, otherwise the injured party could lose the right to pursue the claim.

So if you haven’t contacted us yet, now is the time. Even if you don’t believe you have a case, you may be surprised that you do have one. The only way to know is to have one of our experienced injury attorneys evaluate your case.

Contact A Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

In Minnesota, establishments that serve individuals alcohol when they are visibly intoxicated can be held liable for their actions if their intoxicated customer causes a car accident that results in injuries or death. If you have been injured in an accident with a drunk driver, you may be able to hold them, and the establishment that continued serving them alcohol, responsible for the cost of damages dealt to you. To learn more about your rights and options, call Fishman, Carp, Bescheinen & Van Berkom, LTD at 952-546-6000 to request a free consultation.