Tips to Maximize Compensation

There are times when workers’ comp benefits are underpaid or they may come too slowly, despite the fact that Minnesota’s workers’ comp laws are designed to help the injured worker rather than help the employer. However, this also means that the employer and the insurance company can be hard to deal with. In fact, some will try and deter an injured worker from obtaining benefits by using a number of strategies. Those strategies include:

  • Understating the employee’s wages
  • Trying to deter the employee from seeking a second medical opinion
  • Denying medical treatment claims that are legitimate
  • Pressuring the worker to come back to work before they are recovered enough to do so
  • Denying responsibility for the on-the-job injury
  • Termination or threat of termination

It can be very frustrating when an employer or insurance company tries to keep an employee from seeking the benefits that they deserve. With the help of an experienced Minneapolis workers’ comp lawyer, you can effectively fight their tactics so you can receive your benefits as soon as possible.

Even if the employer hasn’t carried workers’ comp insurance because of their negligence or because they are exempt, there are specific rules that apply so you can receive the benefits that you need. Don’t let this discourage you from seeking out the benefits that you need to recover. Unfortunately, there are individuals throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all of the Twin Cities who think they can’t get benefits or get everything they are entitled to when the employer has no insurance or is exempt.

Fighting Workers’ Comp Underpayment

If you believe that your claim has been underpaid, there is a possibility that it has been. The good news is that you don’t have to be stuck with an underpayment; you can do something about it. Your attorney will investigate why the underpayment exists by gathering paperwork on the injury, gathering all documentation that details the expenses related to that injury, and using that information to fight the underpayment.

As for why underpayments happen, there are many reasons. One is the insurance company’s ability to exploit a person’s possible lack of knowledge of the workers’ comp process. When a Minneapolis workers’ comp attorney is in the picture, they are less likely to do this.

A Powerful Advocate

With your attorney by your side, you have a very powerful advocate in your corner. This is the main method of maximizing your compensation. Your attorney will determine which benefit type will work best for you and will pursue it so you can focus on your recovery and not so much on how you are going to make it day-to-day.

Contact A Minneapolis Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Many injured workers throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all around the Twin Cities have been able to maximize the compensation they receive with the help of an attorney. Because you want to receive as much as you can so you can make ends meet while you recover, it is important to have the legal representation you need. To learn more about how Fishman, Carp, Bescheinen & Van Berkom, LTD can help you, call 952-546-6000 to schedule a free consultation.