Medical Malpractice

We put a lot of trust in our doctors to ensure the right diagnosis, the right treatment, and that medical procedures are carried out properly. We trust the staff to ensure they do everything needed to help us get well. When that trust is breached due to an error, the result can be devastating.

If you or a loved one has been made sicker or have been injured due to a medical professional’s negligence, you may be able to hold them liable for their actions. You may be able to file a medical malpractice claim against them so that you have the compensation needed to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. With the help of an experienced Minneapolis medical malpractice attorney, you can secure the monetary compensation you need to pay for your accident-related expenses.

We Help You Fight

It is important that you stand up for what is right and that’s what we help you do when medicine has failed you through negligence. We have the experience and understanding that you need after suffering the devastation of medical negligence. Medical mistakes like the following can change your life forever:

  • Prenatal or post-natal injury or death
  • Death caused by improper anesthetizing or procedures
  • Leaving foreign objects in the body during surgery
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Wrong side surgery

While we can’t make things what they once were, we do help our clients find the justice they need in order to achieve the relief and security needed to move forward. We want you to have what you need to heal and that’s achieved through strong advocacy.

Proving What Happened In Your Case

Medical malpractice lawsuits are often brought against doctors when they have lacked the proper skills, failed to use the right care during a patient’s treatment, or disregarded specific rules. Most of the time, these cases are settled with the doctor’s insurance company. This means your Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer will need to negotiate. If negotiations fail, then the case can go to a court so a jury can decide whether or not the physician is at fault and/or what damages you should be awarded.

At Fishman, Carp, Bescheinen & Van Berkom, LTD, we will fight for you every step of the way through the settlement process and/or the trial process. Our goal is to make sure you get what you need to establish the best possible quality of life.

Contact A Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice is very serious because it can worsen a patient’s injury or illness. The effects can be devastating, especially since a medical professional is someone who holds a patient’s health and life in their hands. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, you may be able to file a claim against the doctor, facility, or other medical professionals that contributed to the error. To learn more about your rights and options, call Fishman, Carp, Bescheinen * Van Berkom, LTD at 952-546-6000 to request a free consultation.